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Digital Transformation Suite

Intelligent and Intuitive Layer of Applications to transform your Business Operations.

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  • A Smart Knowledge Base , that’s seamlessly integrated with Organisational Knowledge.
  • Enables the Enterprise to Grow by efficient utilization of the knowledge acquired.
  • Customers will be responded with the most relevant information in less time thereby resulting in increased Customer Delight.
  • Allows quick identification of organizational know how : Easy Identification of best possible resource .
  • Encourage Employees to share innovative Ideas through Gamification.
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Cardio Touch

  • Web Based Cath Lab Reporting & Analytical Solution
  • Streamlines Report Generation & Statistical Research Process
  • Designed by Practicing Cardiologists
  • Encompass all elements of Cardiac Diagnostic Process within a Structured yet Flexible Methodology
  • Supports Cororonary / Peripheral Angiography, Angioplasty, EP, Pacemaker, ICD
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