.Net Core  React  Azure Webapps  Azure AD  Microsoft SQL Server 

Cloud based RFP Response Processing System for a leading Logistics and Supply Chain Consultant in Australia

The Client is a leading Logistics and Supply Chain Consultant across South Pacific, East Asia and South East Asian regions. A core part of their business revolves around advising clients regarding the transportation of goods in a cost-effective manner. However, the processing of quotes from multiple intra and inter city based transport operators was manual and was taking extensive time for the freight type and location based volumetric analysis.

To solve this we developed a cloud based application to precisely assess and enhance logistics procurement process. While the client bought their freight characteristics assessment expertise, we provided the technical expertise to release RFP Response Processing System. This cloud based system provided an interface for the users to upload RFP template for any projects. The system allows processing of RFP responses over multiple cycles considering the real world scenario of backend price negotiations that happens with the transportation providers. The assessment is generated based on actual volumetric data set and an automated calculation engine to ensure result integrity and accuracy.

Supported Charging Mechanisms:

  • Consignment + KG                                               
  • Cubic Meter
  • Tonnage
  • Trip Rate
  • Container Rate
  • Pallet Rate Variants
  • Satchel Rate
  • Parcel/Carton Rate Variants


  • React
  • .net Core
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Azure Webapps
  • Azure AD Integration

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