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Raintels Technologies: Revolutionizing Solution Integrations in the Engineering Design Sector


Raintels Technologies, a frontrunner in the engineering and construction landscape, specializes in the energy sector and is renowned for its innovative approach and efficient solutions. Headquartered in France, the company's UAE division recently embarked on an ambitious project aimed at significantly enhancing operational efficiency across multiple engineering departments.


The primary challenge faced by the client was the intensive manual effort required by their Piping, Civil, Structural, and Instrumentation departments. The goal was to automate the generation of outputs for these disciplines, targeting a substantial 30% reduction in the efforts expended by these teams.


Raintels Technologies developed a sophisticated engineering solution that facilitates user data uploads from various disciplines. The solution's capabilities include:

  • Automated Stress Load Sheet Generation: Starting with data uploads such as CAESAR files, Stress Coordinates, and Tracking Lists by the piping team, the application employs rule-based algorithms to generate Stress Load Sheets efficiently.

  • Intelligent Output Generation: The solution synergizes inputs like Geometry Lines, E3D coordinates, and Local coordinates from Civil and Structural teams to produce processible outputs for SACS and STAAD PRO.

Technologies Employed

The development of this solution involved the integration of various advanced technologies:

  • Front-end Development: Angular for a responsive and intuitive user interface.
  • Back-end Processing: Microsoft .net Core for robust server-side processing.
  • Database Management: Microsoft SQL Server for secure and efficient data handling.
  • Security and Compliance: Azure AD Integration ensuring secure access and data integrity.


The implementation of this solution has marked a paradigm shift in how engineering outputs are generated within the client's organization. The automation and intelligence infused into the system have resulted in a significant reduction of manual efforts, thereby enhancing productivity and accuracy across the involved departments.

Contact for Further Information

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